Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New York City (aka the Rotten Apple)

New York! I love it up here, it's so amazing. My day in the big city was so fun. First, I got a slice of NY pizza, and it was delicious. Then, we took the train to the American Museum of Natural History and OMG it was so cool, I got to see so many animals, bugs, birds, fish and dinosaur bones. Then we took the train to Chinatown!!! Wow! Me and my aunt ate at this Vietnamese Restaurant called Nam Son and it was the best. I had something called Banh Hoi and ate with chopsticks. The noodles and beef were just so delicious! I liked the spring rolls so much I wanted to order more even though I was stuffed. I tried bubble tea and that was ok. Next we took a cab back to Brooklyn, that was my first cab ride ever, I know it's crazy but it was cool. Today was really cool and I am looking forward to more days like this.

Monkey skeleton, skeleton of man today, skeleton of Cro-Magnon... then me.
African ceremonial masks and costumes

Where we ate lunch
I'm tempted to just grab this with my hands I swear!

A fish market in Chinatown, NYC
Roasted meat in the window of a restaurant in Chinatown, NYC
Bubble tea...  meh.
Back to Brooklyn

Crossing the Manhattan Bridge


  1. Awesome! Glad you're having fun! We miss you TONS! Love you.

  2. What an experience and you look like you had so much fun.