Sunday, June 19, 2011

Welcome to the Bo In The Big City Blog

Hey family and friends I'm starting a blog so everyone can see what my trip is like. It's been great so far I've met tons of people and I got a JOB!

(Me in my Wading River Pizza Shirt after my first day)

Heres my first video diary recapping my first week in New York.


  1. Yeah!! This is so good! I'm so proud of you! Keep it up dude! I look forward to seeing the big city according to Bo!

  2. Great job!! You make me want to come to NY so you can take my order for I hope you get to see Jay-Z. Maybe you should find out where in NY they are filming Men In Black and take a picture of Wil Smith for me.

    Love and Miss You!!
    Auntie Allison AKA Worm

  3. This is awesome!!! You are such a bright kid and you make me proud like you're one of my own :) And KUDOS to Lindsey and Myles for making this happen! Gotta love family. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

    -Auntie Meera-